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Why Pay More for Health Insurance & Other Coverage?

Save money on your insurance premiums and still get the quality coverage you need. Modglin & Associates, based in New Port Richey, has offered a full-range of low-cost policies and Insurance Services for individuals and small and large businesses throughout Tampa Bay for more than 20 years. Talk to one of our insurance agents today or Recieve a free quote and apply online with National Association for Medical, Dental, Humana One Health Insurance or Golden Rule Insurance and find out how you can save.

Obtain affordable, quality group and individual plans

Modglin & Associates, of New Port Richey, FL, has the resources you need to get quality group coverage for your company or for individuals, families, and the self-employed. As part of our insurance services, we offer free insurance quotes, so you can easily compare rates. You’ll enjoy the savings and the peace-of-mind coverage.
* Commercial property and business insurance
* Liability insurance
* Home owner and personal auto insurance
* Group health Insurance
* Group dental Insurance
* Group life Insurance
* Long-term disability Insurance
* Short-term disability Insurance
* Individual health Insurance
* Individual life Insurance
* Individual dental Insurance
* Medicare supplemental Insurance

Insurance plans personalized just for you

Our insurance agents, in New Port Richey, Florida, specialize in finding the right individual or group plan tailored to your needs and your budget.

* Knowledgeable agents           * Personalized service          * Plans that suit you



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